This blog documents chemtrails and other phenomena seen in primarily southern California, with imagery beginning winter 2014. Officially launched April 29, 2014, it began as a base for photographic evidence with the hope of adding new sources. If you live in California, send in your comments for posting; pending approval, they should show with 24 hours.

California Chemtrails is an educational site for the layperson. It is about discussion and is an open forum that seeks to raise awareness of the environment, including the drought problems affecting southern California and the western United States. While California Chemtrails discusses some the many venues affected by chemtrails —  the environment, time, money, resources, energy, politics — it is more hoped that the educational benefits can be used and repurposed to educate children, parents, educators and elected officials for the betterment of all.

Posts by this author or others look principally at these activities.  Related and indirectly related articles posted by other websites and blogs appear under their respective menus. While water conservation issues may appear in related stories, this blog is generally not focused on water conservation, for which there are many other websites and information resources.

Comments are welcome.

My thanks to Dane Wigington, administrator of Geoengineeringwatch.com for his heroic efforts in exposing the massive, worldwide chemtrail and other geoengineering operations at work 24/7.


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