What are the supporting stories?

Are there relevant stories? Plenty! And increasing daily. The following lists comprises sample articles, videos and photographs describing chemtrails and its scientific umbrella term, geoengineering, in California and beyond. California Chemtrails would rate the material “PG,” that is, parental guidance is suggested. This is not because of language, but because most of the material is better processed by older children and adults. Some viewers may even find the material disturbing. Material is prescreened before posting for offensive language and imagery; however, because most everything is editable on the Internet, things change. Viewer discretion is advised.

Note: To offer some balance, a few sample articles, denoted by an asterisk (*), are included that debunk commonly held theories. The reader is invited to draw his/her own conclusions and decide whether material and observations are objective enough or subjective (speculative), and thus convincing or not. This is a wide-open subject with many facets. Fortunately, there’s a huge amount of free information on it along with as many other theories, some conspiratorial, others wide open.

* Articles written to debunk, deny, or disabuse.

This page subject to change


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