Science connects air particulate dots to cooling

A recent article appearing in the Scientific American connects air pollution particulates to “global warming.” In particular, the elimination of aerosols. “Cleaning Up Air Pollution May Strengthen Global Warming,” by Chelsea Harvey points out the obvious to even the newest acolyte to chemtrail science that airborne particulates influence temperature in the atmosphere.

‘These results are in line with other studies that have investigated the cooling “mask” of aerosols.’

The connection to aerosols is described frequently throughout the article.

‘In fact, one major proposed form of geoengineering involves using aerosols to cool the climate—although ideally a form that’s not hazardous to human health.’

Although geoengineering is mentioned briefly, mention of the aerosols used by jet aircraft emissions are noticeably absent.

In summary, particulates in a haze have a cooling effect. Thus, removal of particulates from jet aircraft trails sprayed in the stratosphere, and lower -level air pollution, will allow the sun to warm the atmosphere.



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Global Warming Extremism Investigated


Englewood, Florida. Beautiful, normal, chemtrail – free sky above Gulf of Mexico, the way it should be everywhere.

In recent months, some global warming advocates, who’ve invested heavily in their agendas, have gone to new extremes demanding that skeptics be thrown in jail. When extremists of any kind stick their necks out too far, however, they themselves become noticed.

Such is the case with one Professor Jagadish Shukla, George Mason University, who is now facing scrutiny from member of Congress, Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX) for misuse of government funds, specifically a $4.2 million grant.

According to their story last month, Breitbart reported that “twenty alarmist scientists – led by Shukla – wrote a letter to President Obama urging him to use RICO laws to crush climate skeptics.”

Such a call to crush dissent when there is admittedly no warming is especially troublesome, but when the government gets ripped off, things can get real interesting. Former Virginia State Climatologist Pat Michaels called the Shukla circus “the largest science scandal in US history.”

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Santa Clarita Water Division Informed on Geoengineering

The Santa Clarita Valley 2014 Water Quality Report

The Santa Clarita Valley 2014 Water Quality Report

I had the privilege to give the opening remarks  at 6 P.M. tonight for about 15 minutes to the Santa Clarita Water Division’s (SCWD) Retail Operations Committee, that graciously allowed public comments at the beginning of their meeting.  The committee comprised ~15 thoughtful and intelligent men and women representing the Castaic Lake Water Agency (CLWA) and several local water companies. The working relationship is that the CLWA acts as a wholesaler to these retail water companies, such as the Valencia Water Company which sells water to my town, Valencia, one of four towns, including Canyon Country, Newhall, and Saugus, comprising the city of Santa Clarita, the third largest city in Los Angeles County that continues to grow.

After thanking the committee for their work in coordinating the water management for the city, I introduced myself as a resident of North Valencia, a homeowner, and a retired technical editor from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, explaining my experience with astrophysicists, engineers, technicians to document deep space activities, and that I now write this blog to document drought issues affecting my community.

I then held up a copy of SCWD’s Santa Clarita Valley 2014 Water Quality Report, their document to the public in Portable Document Format (PDF). In particular, I addressed a detailed table, “The Results of Thousands of Tests on Your Water.” I noted that, although the water testing included Arsenic, Fluoride, and other toxic contaminants, there was apparently no testing of Aluminum, Barium, or Strontium. The document otherwise quite helpfully addresses a number of potential water health issues and includes homeowner guidelines, asking for a 20% water usage reduction. I informed them that while the EPA ceased testing for aluminum in 2008, that these toxic materials were found in unacceptable levels by some residents in Shasta County, which just last month hosted a capacity public forum principally addressing the issue of geoengineering and how is affects the health issues of that region. The Shasta County meeting was video taped and is now being used as a model for anyone who simply wants to ask that their communities investigate the potential health issues.

I finished my comments and several SCWD members asked me for contact information and gave me business cards. It was time well spent.

In conclusion, there is no small measure of controversy on the issue of geoengineering. I expect we’ll be hearing more about within the context of “anthropogenic climate change” from the Administration between now and especially mid-summer to fall 2015. Due to time constraints, I was unable to speak to the other aspects of geoengineering that affect drought, such as HAARP, but hopefully SCWD members will look into the subject and make their own discoveries.

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Getting enough fiber?


Figure 1. Fiber cluster. This specimen, measuring approximately 3/4 inch (1.9 centimeters) in diameter, fell from sky into my yard 3-24-14, 12:24pm, Valencia, CA.

Trendy California nutritionists insist we need to eat more fiber, but is all fiber good for us? While food fiber is, not all fiber is food. Nevertheless, we may be eating it whether we realize it or not. Fibers are everywhere, notably in the air although most are invisible or rarely noticed. Chances are we are inhaling and possibly ingesting them.

In March 2014 I noticed what I thought was dandelion or some other plant seed drifting into my yard. It didn’t really look like anything ever seen before. It was very delicate, so I picked it up with tweezers (Fig. 1).


Figure 2. Fiber cluster enlarged. Note colors in some filaments, or thread-like elements.

Upon closer examination, my specimen, one of a dozen or so I’ve collected since March, looked very different than a dandelion seed. It took awhile for me to perceive what I was looking at, but after I photographed it and examined it on my computer (Fig. 2), I determined that this was not a substance from nature. I began to wonder about smaller fibers I couldn’t see or notice, where they came from, and how they might be affecting my health and the health of others.

There are no known fiber factories in my city. I suspect they fell from the massive clouds of chemtrails we see in the sky everyday. These are my observations for early spring 2014.

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Processed Clouds

None of the clouds in this post is natural. Just like food-like food, these are cloud-like clouds. They are all man-made, processed. Processed clouds result from plumes emitted by jet aircraft or some other method such as ship-launched missiles from the ocean.


New chemtrail sprayed by jet. April 14, 2014, 8:37am, Valencia, CA.

It is now a known fact that most of these processed clouds contain an aluminum-oxide emulsion to reflect sunshine. Why? Ostensibly to reduce global warming. Aluminum is used to reflect heat, much like aluminum foil is used in an oven to protect a turkey from burning.


Multiple chemtrails left by jets. April 8, 2014, 6:07pm, Valencia, CA.

The unintended effects mean that the aluminum oxide clouds eventually drop to ground level, accumulating in the soil, water, and in our bodies. This is thought to reduce the quality of all life forms — plants, trees, insects, animals, humans.


Chemtrails dispersing into chemclouds form a chemcanopy. April 27, 2014, 12:21pm, Valencia, CA.


Chemtrails with active dispersants at intervals. April 8, 2014, 7:10pm, Valencia, CA.


Chemtrail with moon. April 8, 2014, 6:07pm, Valencia, CA.

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